27 June 2010

Birthday celebration continues

Yesterday we went out to the Red Pepper Deli with John to celebrate my birthday.
We were supposed to go to the zoo, but I got lost in the garden and it was late by the time I got cleaned up, and frankly, I didn't feel all that energetic!

The deli was, again, wonderful!

John had the pizza, since we could vouch for that.

Jack and Rod shared the marinated mushroom "pasta", and I had the spring rolls. I ended up chowing down on the pasta, too -- it was amazing! And entirely grain free! (The pasta was made from zucchini, but Rod had to ask three times before he could believe that it was actually safe -- it tasted that good! And that little like zucchini!)

The spring rolls were nice, the flavours delightful, but it wasn't as filling as some of the other options. Then again, they're suppsoed to be light.

Northville was having a festival that day. Jack spotted the festival b efore our food was served and he kept staring out the front door at it. He was determined to go look around, so he and Rod toured while John and I enjoyed a cup of herb tea.

Turns out, this is why Jack was so determined to get out there -- he found my birthday presents there! I had thought that the brix meter was from both of them, but Jack thougt differently. It might make me happy, but the appropriate gift, in his mind, is jewelry.

Aren't they lovely?

The necklace is a real gilt leaf with a porcelein rose.

The "birthday girl crown" was intended to be a necklace for a much smaller woman. I like it as a hair adornment! (It looked nicer in my hair before my hair got wind-whipped in the car on the expressway, but *it* is still lovely!)

I am the most fortunate woman I know!

And now, to get ready for the birthday party invasion! Our friends, whom Jack has traditionally called "The Star Ladies" are organizing a birthday party here for everyone on the group with June or July birthdays.

I'd best get started baking a cake Rod and I can eat!

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  1. Jack gives jewelry as birthday presents?

    You have one amazing kid!


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