24 June 2010

Ooooh, fun times!

Yesterday we had both an earthquake and a tornado warning.

Of course, this being Michigan, I was sitting next to someone who felt the earthquake, but I didn't and most people I talked to didn't.

And the "tornado" wasn't even a particularly big storm by the time it got to our house just after bedtime. It rocked us to sleep.

Evidently the storms were no big deal to the Robin family, since the babies are hungry this morning and Mamma is flying in and our like an express train.

Oh, in case anyone lives locally and cares...

I will be "sponsoring" a rubber stamping demonstration, featuring "guy cards" on July 5 at 1pm. If you want in, please let me know... :) I'd like to have one or two more people. If not, I think Nerida and I will have a blast!

Oh, I have an interesting new challenge...this summer Rod and I will be headed to a family reunion in NY. On the way through, we will stop to see my old college buddy and his lovely wife. I have decided that I'd like to make them a card they can appreciate. The challenge part comes in that she is blind and he is mostly so. But, you know, that's the advantage of making ones own cards...personalizing them. ;) Ah, well, if I come up with anything worth sharing, I'll show you.

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