22 June 2010

Very pleasant Solstice weekend

Our Solstice weekend was lovely.

On Saturday, Adnan, Mark, and Matthew came over for lunch and we had a quiet good time. Adnan brought some amazing chicken to barbeque -- I missed the names of the dishes, but both were Pakistani and delicious! I have to get him to write them down for me. ;)

On Sunday, we spent a quiet Father's day. Jack and I took off to give Rod a couple of hours of alone time, since that's the gift every parent needs most. Then we came back, bearing gifts and we spent the rest of the day hanging out, mostly in the garden. Later, Jack and I discovered Senet, King Tut's favorite game. Jack, of course, LOVES it. We'll get him a game board one of these days -- the paper one we have won't stand up to constant play.

I took my last planned furlough day yesterday, so I could spend Solstice with the family. A lovely friend of a friend, Tracy, has just moved into the area and she came over for lunch. We enjoyed her company greatly and hope that she finds time to hang out with us from time to time.

Afterward, we went and bought some Sluggo. The slugs have decimated the kale and lettuce patches and more traditional methods simply weren't working -- I pulled literally hundreds of them out of the garden, only to return and find just as many left behind a couple of hours later. To make matters worse, the slugs and the mosquitoes are on the same schedule, so defending my greens was very painful! Oh, well. Organic natural methods are good, but only if they result in edible food.

It wasn't all good. Poor Kodiak, the new grandson of our dear friend, Linda, has developed pyloric stenosis. It sounds scary, and the poor little guy needs surgery to correct it.

YIKES! Not sure how it got so late, but I still can't wake up. Off to showers with me!


  1. Tests show....Kodiak hase over the top reflux...thank god. At the rate he has it it mimcks the other nastier disorder.No surgery, which is the part to be thankful of...as the other issue can be medicateduntil he gets a little older-sa, 4 mos. old.
    Thanks for your concern, and your energy.
    Love, Linda

  2. Thank you so much for the good news...!

  3. Hi Linda -- It could be a food allergy. One of my kids used to vomit all the time as a newborn, great big floods. When I took dairy out of my diet, the vomiting stopped. Doctors did not suggest that this could be the problem and were generally disbelieving when I suggested it, so I was on my own trying it. Or, well, I had the support of the moms at La Leche League, who were the first to suggest that this could be the problem. But the doctors totally were not helpful with this.

    Misti, could you forward this to Linda, since I'm not sure that she will see it here. Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much, Valerie--I knew, but it never occurred to me! I have forwarded it to bot Linda and her daughter since it sounds VERY likely to me, given the extra information I think I have!


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