17 June 2010

Uh oh...Jack's not going to like this...

His blood tests are in.
Jack has celiac disease.

Valerie, can you recommend a good book for young folks about why eating wheat is a really bad idea for celiacs? Jack feels fine, so he isn't going to really believe this. He *sees* how sick Rod and get...and he doesn't feel sick.

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  1. Hm. We like "Eating Gluten-Free With Emily" as a book about celiac disease for kids, but it doesn't really go into *why* it's a bad idea to eat gluten, other than that Emily has been feeling really sick for a long time and now she feels better. I also (mostly!) like the book "Kids With Celiac Disease" by Danna Korn" as a starter guide for being the parent of a celiac kid. (I say "mostly" because the book encourages you to feed your child a lot of sugary junk food as you get him or her started on a gluten-free diet, so I did that with Kendra, but ended up regretting it. Other than that it's a good book.)

    There are some books for older kids with celiac disease, but I haven't read them.

    Hm. I think your best option would be to ask on the Gluten-Free Ann Arbor email list and see if people there have advice.

    That, or sit him down and talk about the 40 times higher risk of intestinal cancer, and the nutrient deficiencies, and the scary autoimmune diseases, that can come from eating gluten when a person has celiac disease.


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