05 June 2010

Good news; bad news

I had one of those "good news/bad news" moments today.

On the bright side, I discovered that my home made laudry detergent makes a fantastic floor cleaner!

The down side was that I discovered it by spilling some of it on the recently washed kitchen floor as I was moving a new batch into the basement laundry room. I finished moving the new tub down and then came back and cleaned up the spill -- and discovered that it wasn't my imagination that the kitchen floor wasn't quite as bright white as it seemed when we moved in. There was a huge white "stain" in the middle of the kitchen floor where the spill had been. The floor that had looked clean suddenly looked filthy!

Three buckets of water later, I finally got the floor to a state of uniform clean, rather than having streaks of very, very clean and streaks of muddy brown.

I can't see why we'd use anything else ... another win for simplicity!

(The picture is the 'dinosaur grass' we harvested last weekend, drying for use through the cold months. It's great for controlling periodontal disease and preventing osteoporosis.)
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