16 June 2010

Restaurant Discovery

I forgot to mention that this weekend, we discovered a place tat we can eat out entirely safely.

Not only that, but the food tastes amazing: bright, fresh, and delicious -- and filling, too! Interesting foods that we can't already make better at home -- and there are no hidden ingredients because everything is made from scratch and every ingredient is on the menu. Wheat is used only in grass form, and that's pretty easy to substitute or avoid. Corn is used only in fresh vegetable form, and again, is easy to avoid.

Needless to say, a place this amazing doesn't have McDonlald's prices, but at about $8 per entree it's not bad -- just be careful about sides. They all use fresh, high quality ingredients and are priced accordingly, so they can add up quickly.

Meet the Red Pepper Deli of Northville, Michigan.

Our doctor mentioned it because he understands how difficult it can be to eat out with food sensitivities. We put off a trip because it's Northville...and it's raw. I am curious about raw food cuisine, but somehow never quite believed it would be as amazing as cooked food. I think I was envisioning fresh, whole fruit and green salads...tasty, nutricious, but not all that exciting really.

That's not what we found at the Red Pepper.

Jack tried the raw Italian pizza (and Rod and I tasted it, too). It tasted like pizza, but the flavours sang in a way I hadn't experienced before. We all agreed that it was really good!

I tried the raw tacos because they came highly recommended. I couldn't believe the intensity of the flavours! It's actually more of a "wrap" with lettuce leaves instead of taco shells and walnuts instead of meat. If you're craving Taco Bell, it might not satisfy, but I loved it!

Rod tried the falafel and found the falafel was magnificent, though he thought that the humous had too much lemon.

We all had smoothies, which were delicious and we found could almost have been a meal in themselves. (We agreed that the one we asked for without agave was the best of all!)

Finally we tried the apple crumble -- amazing! Maybe a tad sweet for our palate, but absolutely wonderful!

This won't be out last visit - though I think we can skip the extras next time because we ended up getting a doggie bag because we couldn't finish it all.

The Red Pepper Deli Hours: Monday - Wednesday 10:30 - 7:30, Thursday - Saturday 10:30 - 8:00,
Sunday Closed

The Red Pepper Deli is located at 116 West Main Street, Northville, MI. 48167248-773-7671


  1. That sounds fabulous!! I'd never heard of that place before. Can I talk you or Rod into posting a review of it on the Gluten-Free Ann Arbor e-mail list?

    I'm intrigued by raw foods, especially as a way to add some variety in the summertime. I'd like to get a dehydrator to experiment with, but I keep getting stuck on the fact that the food in a dehydrator sits on top of sheets of plastic, and I'm trying to move away from having food spending time touching plastic. If a company offered non-plastic dehydrator surfaces, I would leap on that.

    If you'd like to pop by here sometime, I have 3 or 4 raw foods cookbooks that you are welcome to look through to see if they're interesting to you. Mostly I've found that they are short on main dishes that work for my family. I've found two or three main dish recipes that I like, and two FABULOUS desserts. You can also find a lot by googling.

  2. This intrigues me as well. Perhaps a visit sometime- could we get a group together to experience it ?
    BTW..I LVE the birthday greeting..!

  3. We sure could -- perhaps soon?

    Glad you like the card. ;) I hope Serentiti did, too.


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