18 June 2010

Jack's Celiac Update

Well, that was a non-event.

Jack has been extremely philosophical about his celiac diagnosis. He has requested one more gluten blowout meal just before his appointment to discuss celiac with his doctor, but he has been choosing not to eat toxic foods meanwhile.

Then again, he has had 10 months of watching first Rod, then me, adapting and commenting on how much better we feel. He has watched us gripe not about deprivation, but about how nasty we feel when we get "poisoned".

Maybe that has made it easier. He also knew that the odds were in favour of celiac with two sensitive parents, so has had the time since the blood test to think about how celiac applies to him.

One decision? Maybe he doesn't need to go to Sunday School next year if he can't have donuts. Will playing at Ikea Smaland lose its charm without cinnamon rolls or ice cream cones? Dunno.

Ahh, well, best I it the showers...have good day everyone!

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  1. I'm told that Kennickinick makes fabulous gluten-free donuts. (I've seen them locally -- I think at Hillers and Arbor Farms.) Maybe you could bring some along to Sunday School for Jack to eat alongside the other kids....


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