03 January 2011

365 projects...hmmm

My first day back at work went surprisingly well. Especially given that I got six hours or so of sleep last night. (But I wasn't the only one who looked a little shell-shocked. And more than one person mentioned waking up every hour or so to check the clock.)

When I sat down after dinner to write thank you notes, it was pretty clear that I was more tired than I first realized.

Two spoiled sheets of stationery later, I gave up. Finishing up the new year's letter to mail out tomorrow didn't seem promising either, and finishing up some long overdue email seemed like a potential for embarrassment or disaster, too.

So I started clicking around internet. I came across an interesting post about 365 projects...and it got me thinking.

I'm not sure I am ready for the commitment, but it would certainly be an inspiration to stay on top of learning photography if I made it a point to post at least one photograph per day.

Maybe ... it sounds like fun, but I am so tired that it also feels like "too much work". I also wonder whether it would be boring to you, my five faithful readers. ;) (I know, I know, there are more than five of you, but I have no idea really who comes here or why, exactly you enjoy coming to visit. Some are homeschoolers, some are friends from around time and space, and the others... dunno?

I would, as usual, use the photos to illustrate posts about life here at Chez Smiffy -- the difference is, there might well be photos with no post to speak of....

Hmm. Remember I said I was tired? That's me, tired. I babble. *laugh*

Good night. I'll sleep on it. With any luck, I can post something more coherent in the morning.

(Oh, and I have also been considering a series on "vegetables for one". The amazing changes in Rod's health have started to inspire a couple of friends to experiment with grain free living, but they keep coming back to "but what *can* I eat?" So, I have plenty of ideas...

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