11 January 2011


The 365 project is going pretty well. Both Rod and Jack has completely amazed me with their achievements and I feel like I am making progress on understanding my camera.

We have also managed to make some strides on the "finishing this Ancient Greece unit before college" front. Jack seems to be enjoying that, because he really loves the Athenian stories and he seems to be floating on his own recently expanded capability. He writes and types at every chance the last few weeks when not long ago writing anything was far too much work and took forever.

In the process of really buckling down, we have "retired" two of the books we'd put on the list because they just weren't holding Jack's interest. It's not the topics, just the style of the books, so I think we may try different books on the subjects first and revisit these later.

The new years letters are written and about half are printed and signed. I am still fighting with MS Word and mail merge to get the labels made -- for the moment, handwriting 40 addresses still sounds like too much work. But one of these days... So much for getting them out on the first week of January.

I am also working on sorting the photographic archives. I want to give Nerida a CD of all my photos of Connor, but I have to find them first. One thing that has become abundantly clear to me...I need to find a method for eliminating duplicates. But with 111,000 photos, it's going to have to be automated to some degree. I wonder if Picasa has such a function...

Happy 1/11/11!


  1. A friend told me about http://download.cnet.com/Auslogics-Duplicate-File-Finder/3000-2248_4-10964299.html


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