03 January 2011


I have decided to add a poll to see why folks come to visit. I am thinking about changes to the blog and I want to make sure i don't bore anyone.

If you would be so kind as to let me know what you come back?

And if I missed your reason, I'd love to hear from you (anonymously, if you prefer) about what brings you back. Feel free to attach a comment to this post.

Thanks, everyone!


  1. I might be the stray sheep in your flock, but I enjoy all your posts. :)

  2. I visit here because I like you and your family, and I enjoy reading about the types of things that you tend to write about.

  3. Thanks, Emily and Valerie! So for you, the photo project would be an ok addition? :) That';s wonderful to know.

  4. I like to live vicariously through you. You seem to do all the things I wish I could, but am too lazy to do!
    I love all the photos too, so that would be fun too!

  5. That is the thousand-dollar blogger question!! :)

    I wonder that a lot. Why do people come here??? :) (meaning my own olm.)

    I meant to answer this the other day when you asked, but as usual, time got away from me.

    The answer is "I like it here."
    It's not really for anything... other than just a place to visit... to check in and say "Hey", and to make sure the world is still turning as it should.

    I think that must be the answer for most of us, you know? We come just to share lives and hear stories - whatever it is that you want to tell or vent or share in whatever moment you want to share it.

    I would never expect one particular mood or format or flavor - and, indeed, I would not prefer it.
    It's the All of it that I enjoy.

  6. Thanks, Stephanie. I guess that's why I visit your blog, too -- a sort of "casual visit' with someone comfortable and reasonably like minded -- I find inspiration and I feel happy about life -- yours and ours, after I visit your Ordinary Life Magic. :)

  7. Jasmine and Sienna-LeeJanuary 10, 2011 2:48 PM

    I come to this site because I like to see what my family are getting up to. Plus I love seeing pictures of you guys because its been quite a few years since I have seen you all :) No offence to you Aunty Misti or Uncle Rod, my favourite thing, is when I see Jack has posted something ;)


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