26 January 2011

Well, Jack is finally on the mend. As I mentioned, he started eating again a day or so ago.

Now poor Rod is down with it. He was 'off" yesterday morning and by the time I got off work, he had to have me drive. If you know Rod, you know how serious that has to be. And last night, I again saw the "semi-tropical" side of him come out again. He was under three blankets and still shuddering, so I put four more on him. He finally relaxed, and then he commented on how weird it is to him to sleep under "40 pounds of blankets".

Poor Jack is still going to be stuck in bed reading. He doesn't like to get too far from Dad until I get home, and that's what there is to do when Dad is sick. Knowing Jack, he'll sleep as long as he possibly can before he deals with being on his own, and I have made sure there is something for him to eat when he does wake up (leftovers, a PB&J, and bananas and apples). Rod will get up a few times to make sure Jack's doing oK and if he needs something, Rod is good about dealing with it.

Did I even think to mention that Jack won third place in his chess tournament on Saturday? I don't think I did, because by the time he got home, it was pretty clear he wasn't well. But he did. He won third place for his division. Rod says that Jack will play in this division one more year and he speculates that he'll be pretty close to the top when he ages out, especially now that there is a game group meeting on Tuesdays these days with several other kids who like chess, in addition to his once a month chess club meeting, so he's getting more practice.

Oh, I thought, too, that I'd mention that believe it or not, last night's 365 photo was a triumph. I have set myself a rule that I won't use post production to improve a photo for this purpose (thus the photos seeming a bit ordinary sometimes.) and I have been using the every-day-ness of it to try to stretch myself to things I haven't tried before. For a couple of weeks now I have been trying to capture low-light images. Mostly I have gotten blurry, pixilated, yellow blobs. Last night, I think I finally found the setting that works. It's not much of a picture in the sense of telling a story, but the light is interesting and the photo is pretty clear.

Next challenge: capture the texture I so love in other people's work.

(The photo above is one I took of my 'niece', Tiffani, and her husband Kody on their wedding day last summer. Aren't they beautiful young people? I wonder whether, when I am ready to start tackling portraits, they'd be willing to play for an afternoon at the p[ark... Hmmm.)

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  1. Congrats to Jack on the chess tournament!!

    I hope Rod feels better soon.


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