20 January 2011

Food storage

First off, no, I didn't take this photo. I wish I had. This is our niece, Jasmine, with her daughter Sienna Lee. Jasmine took this photo. I can't imagine how, but she did. Isn't it lovely?

Rod and I have been pondering the possibility of getting serious about food storage. Our friend, Sue, talks about it a bit on her blog from time to time and the more we follow her adventures the more sense it makes. I doubt we'd ever get as serious about it as Sue is (and she's less serious than some) but the idea of a nice, safe cache of food that would last a while in case of emergency really pleases us. In our thinking, that emergency is far more likely to be a cash blowout because of an unexpected major expense than a world cataclysm, but you never know. It can't hurt to be prepared for anything.

I had assumed that our weird eating patterns would limit our ability to really buy our food for long term storage. In looking over Honeyville's food storage site, I have come to realize that we'd have to check everything carefully and there are things we need that we'd have to find elsewhere, but it does look viable. Our eating would have to change, of course -- milk and eggs don't store well unless you do strange things to them and I'm not ready to go there yet -- but we could eat.

We have plenty of room for storage, too.


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