14 January 2011

Well, it seemed like a good idea

I thought I might try to get an early start on photos this morning.

Come to remember, there is a reason I haven't been doing that. It's similar to the reason I don't try to write much before work. I'm too sleepy and I need to do very tangible routine things in the morning -- laundry, dishes, etc.


Well, with a long weekend coming and a couple of cool ideas that require sunlight, I should be set for the next few days. After that, I plan to start looking at the 53 Weekly Themes from Digital Photography school. Maybe a suggestion will get me started more easily.

Rod starts Tai Chi this weekend. I think that it's so cool that he is healthy enough to start learning a martial art! He's been encouraging me to join the class, too -- but honestly, I would just as soon get more time for walking instead. Tai Chi looks pretty and all, but somehow doesn't appeal to me much as something to do myself. (Maybe it was that horrible experience with yoga in college on top of all those horrible experiences in gym class over the years. Whatever the reason, group exercise just isn't my thing.)

Next week, Rod is joining his new choir. This one also meets on Thursday nights, so my brief reprieve from karate class will be over, but this choir has two performances a year rather than frequent weekend performances. Also, the choir is just that, with no expectation of joining a church and becoming a member of the community. If there were a church we wanted to join, it would be the UU -- we like what they stand for, what they believe in, and the people are wonderful. But we're not really looking for a church ...and the long trip to that one would would probably be a serious consideration if we were. I found the pressure to "be one of us" pretty stressful and started avoiding the church after a while. It's a pity because I really am drawn to the people and what they believe in and celebrate. But there doesn't seem to be any room to lurk on the edges.

In other irrelevent news, we missed trash pickup last week and never got around to taking last week's bag out. We are still using it and there is still plenty of room. I'd like to get our trash down even further, but I guess half a bag a week isn't too bad for a family of three.

And with that -- time I was in the shower.
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  1. I thought everybody except me loved yoga! It really didn't work for me either. Maybe I just had the wrong teacher in the brief class that I took, but it was hard for me to figure out what I could ever love about it, even taught differently. Sigh....

    Congrats on the low trash production!


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