09 January 2011

Dairy Free Healthier Chocolate Pudding

Jack doesn't do well with cooked milk, so we have been experimenting with alternative puddings. Coconut works well fore cooked desserts, but this one is becoming a favorite of mine because it's quick, easy, and it tastes really nice.

Dairy Free Healthier Chocolate Pudding
serves 3

2 overripe bananas
2 ripe avocados
1/4 cup chocolate powder
honey to taste

Put the peeled bananas and peeled and seeded avocados into the blender and cream them together.

Add the chocolate and blend it in.

Start adding honey and blending it in, stopping to taste every so often.

Rod likes it sweeter than I do, so I'll just let you decide how sweet is right. To me this tastes even better than milk-based puddings.
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  1. Hi Misti!

    I dropped in after quite a while. Nice post and I love the 365 project idea! :) Looking forward to lots of pics from the three of you.

    By the way, I love Jack's braid and its length in this pic. Would love to see some more of Jack's hairstyles in the 365 project pics - maybe buns, 2 braids. :))

    Keep clicking and posting...


  2. Hey, Steph! Welcome, back!

    That braid is Jack's every day hairdo, and I doubt my little bull will be switching any time soon. ;)

    Rod, on the other hand, wear a bun most days. :p Jack figures he's too young for a bun yet. That's what adults wear.


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