18 January 2011

The Tuesday that feels like Monday


I'm exhausted and I should be in bed. Sadly, I am waiting on the printer to finish and I am determined to get the New Years letters out tomorrow. They are embarrassingly late, but printing the labels darn near made me tear my hair out. Those are done now, but we came up 8 letters and four photo cards short. More letters I could print, and so I am. But we ended up cutting the list back. But the letters will be printed before I sleep. So you get to listen to my stream of consciousness. And, thinking that it had taken too long, I went to check. Yep, printing the back on the front on half the sheets. (

Oh, this photo is for Steph -- Jack's braid fell out and I got his permission to take a photo after breakfast and before he went up to get dressed. Thus the "are you done yet" pose. It was oiled and re-braided within the hour, though. He rarely takes his hair down except to wash...kinda like Mamma.

I am playing with a Zazzle shop. I'm not sure there would ever be much of a demand for my photos, but it's fun to play with. If I get anything up to sell, I'll mention it here. (Probably note cards, since that would I will want to have made.)

Jack and Rod have just met up with a playgroup based around playing board games. Jack is thrilled! Finally, kids as crazy for games as he is! They meet on Tuesday afternoons, making the week just a little crazier, but all in all, I think it's a good thing. The boy does love to be around other kids and he does love to play games. It also sounds like they may be switching from the Monday UM field biology class to one in Chelsea that meets on Thursdays. The UM class is in conflict with the art class *and* less convenient to get to, and they like the Chelsea class just fine, but the two classes cover pretty much the same material, so doing both doesn't make a lot of sense. This homeschooling thing seems to mean *never* being home. Oh well. We were warned. And if Jack had siblings we might be more inclined to skip some of the outside activities, but he doesn't, so we don't.

I think I heard the printer stop.

Good night.


  1. Hey Misti:

    Thanks so much for the pic! Jack's expression is cute and I love his braid waves.

    What oil do you use for his hair? And do you oil it everyday or only before washing?


  2. Hi, Steph, I make our hair oil. It's 1/2 coconut and (in winter) 1/4 jojoba and 1/4 extra virgin olive oil. Then I add a drop or two of ylang ylang, rosemary, and sandalwood oil to my hand as the coconut oil melts. Most of the oil goes on the hair below our shoulders, but I also put some on the spots that tend to tangle easily near the first hair tie; it cuts down on tangling quite a bit.

    I do if after every time his hair is washed and if it's tangly in between I rub a little oil into the tangles to work them out.

    (I oil mine below the shoulders just about daily after my shower. I still have wispy old lady hair but it's not as fragile as it was before I started oiling it. Rod's I oil after he showers, if he thinks of it.)


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