22 January 2011

Boycott Horizon and Stonyfield ?!?!

I'm late out of the gate on this, but it appears that since June 2010
" a group of organic farmers is calling for a nationwide boycott of all H.P.
Hood branded products because of what they’re calling “unfair business
practices.” This includes organic companies—Hood products include some names you
might not expect: Horizon and Stonyfield Organic Milk."
Hood is evidently forcing farmers out of the cooperative that produced organic milk for these companies if they also provide products directly to the consumer.

Looks like we're looking for a new brand of butter.
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  1. I boycotted Horizon... I wanna say two or three years ago? but that might not be right... Walmart wanted Organic Valley to lower their prices and ethics so that Walmart could carry them in their stores... Organic Valley told them where to go. They went to Horizon, and HOrizon said "Will do!!" :/
    Still don't buy from them, of course. Or Kellogg's because of the Monsanto gmo beet sugar that supposedly no one cares about. SOme of us do!

  2. Yeah, Steph, some of us do care. A lot.

    I had heard about Kellog, too, but we eat so few processed foods at this point that it hadn't registered. (Not sure Kellog even produces anything grain free!) ;)

    I was horrified to hear that eggplant, zucchini, and other vegetables are also now GMO and unlabeled. I'm looking for a list...but maybe we just have to go all-organic and hope for the best. (Once GMO is in the field., it contaminates everything so there is no real safety.)


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