28 January 2011

What a night!

It snowed pretty much all day yesterday. Unfortunately for me, the temperatures also hovered around freezing. That means icy, slippery streets. Now, I am not really fond of driving at the best of times, and in bad weather I really don't like driving. That's why my darling husband goes out of his way to drive me in to work most mornings. But he's very sick right now with whatever bug got Jack last weekend, so I drove myself to work yesterday.

Long story short, the next street over no longer has a street sign and dimples has added to her collection of ...dimples. :( On the bright side, she is drivable and other than being embarrassed and frightened, I am fine.

In better news, Jack tested for and earned his next belt at karate class last night. We all thought it would be some months away yet, so it was an exciting surprise! He will be presented with his new orange (third level) belt next Saturday at class.

Also in karate news, but this across the puddle, my darling granddaughter Isabella and her best friend were two of only eight of in their dojo who qualified to compete in Denmark in late February! I am so proud of both of my karate-ka!

Time I got ready for work. More tomorrow, I hope.

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