09 January 2011

My Free Skool class for February: Non-toxic Personal Care Workshop

Non-toxic Personal Care Workshop
Time: 19 February · 15:00 - 18:00
Location: Cafe Ambrosia (326 Maynard, Ann Arbor, MI)

We've all been sold on the "need" for a multitude of products to be well groomed. But do you know what you're putting on your skin? Commercial personal care items contains toxic petroleum-based chemicals and toxins known to be associated with cancer and other devastating illnesses. Learn how you can stay clean and healthy without poisoning yourself and your family— and save some money, too!

The workshop is free and open to anyone who wants to learn.

Come learn with us on Saturday, February 19th, 3pm at Café Ambrosia (326 Maynard)

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