23 January 2011

Schedule confusion ...

Sometimes I am such an idiot.

I agreed to teach a class next weekend. I scheduled it for Sunday, because of course we see John on Saturday.

Unfortunately, I didn't check the calendar carefully when it was posted. The scheduler put it on Saturday. Sadly, 17 people had signed up before I realized.

Worse? This is his birthday weekend.

I hate changing the schedule on John because it makes it so much harder for him to keep track, but in this case that really is the best option.

Frustrating, but there it is.

Note to self: Double and triple check the calendar BEFORE the last minute. Mistakes happen. Catching them is my responsibility.

Fortunately, John's son, Bill, has verified that John is indeed free on Sunday. Now, to find some adventure or other that will be open.

(There is a bright side, too, though -- that means I have some time on Saturday to bake the cake we'll bring up, and we can arrive a lot earlier on Sunday than we could on Saturday.)

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