20 January 2011

I should be running around taking pictures, or making Valentines cards for Jack to decorate for his homeschool Valentine exchange.

Or... *something* useful. But I can't. I'm exhausted.

I thought I was coming down with something. I didn't get sick.

I blamed it on not enough sleep for several days running, but I got plenty of sleep last night and it's worse now.

Now I am thinking that my thyroid dose needs adjusting. (I had experimentally reduced it a month ago, and it's has taken quite a while to feel it, but I am feeling it.)

Oh well. Maybe I can find a photo to take and post it much later -- like 7am. Meanwhile, this is Jack on Learner.org a few nights ago, finding out that actually he spells pretty much on target. He passed all the third grade spelling tests with 100% and got only 82% on the first level of the third grade test. On my lap top, of course. It's annoying to have him take it over -- but I really don't want him wandering the web unsupervised and he would if he could. So, no Internet on his computer. Learner.org also has some videos that are pretty good for older kids and some interactives for the 9-12 year old group. And I had Jack use the interactive about the parts of a story, just to plant the seed. He says he wants to be a writer when he gets older (this week) so it seemed apropos.

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