12 January 2011

Misti's 365 Project: Day 9

I'm not sure how meaningful to anyone but me (or maybe Thermos...I wish I'd cut that tag out. Oh well.)

Jack has The Delaney curse -- blood sugar issues, when he needs to eat he *needs* to eat, and he can go from a sweet, engaging little boy to a real brat in about 10 minutes, just like his Mamma. Now that it's not easy to find safe and nourishing things for him on the run, we've taken to packing an "on the run" kit for him wherever we go. It has fruit, nuts, and other finger foods. He loves this thing (the case itself was a gift from Miss Karen (not to be co0nfused with Auntie Karen, though they both have March birthday.) and can't wait to explore it when we get in the car.

Scrapable if not artistic.
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